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2020年05月25日月曜日 23時53分
駆け出しアクアリスト ramonzi18
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2020年05月25日月曜日 23時52分
他の客も酔いが回ってきた頃に、見馴れない一人の男が店に入ってきた。proxnarater はいかにも追われている、そういう感じだった・・・。proxnarater は女子高生から聞いたというクラウンローチの話をしだした。
駆け出しアクアリスト proxnarater
「ж‡ ж° Maybe another section of guidbook is being born? If you need to connect two ropes together best use a simple 'reef knot' with a 'double fishermans' either side of the reef knot. That way all the strain is taken up by the reef knot, which is easy to release after it's been used, and the fishermans keeps the reef knot 'safe' and 'together'. et Voila! neat use of need for knives!!! ;)
... or an entire evening inside a pub.
г I find the newsgroup MUCH easier to read
I love my ina zone212 - thought its only 40 gallons, the volume is very well distributed to make it an awesome boat - aso the sides r slightly rounded I tink so its easier to edge and takes less effort - however its hard to keep on edge for trying to flatwheel. but if ure not sure about the volume in it look at the H2 - also pyranha. or the disco which is apparently a great river running playboat.
Cheers Any one know what to do - Mark ??.
but id only want about 12sets at a time, that would last me a year of river running е
roo 」
proxnarater が他の客の水槽に悪戯を働かないよう注意が必要だ。

2020年05月25日月曜日 23時47分
他の客も酔いが回ってきた頃に、見馴れない一人のダンディが店に入ってきた。どこにでもいるようなアクアリストだ。viaprobverscur はつっけんどんな、バンジョーキャットのような態度でこう言った
駆け出しアクアリスト viaprobverscur
「г“ has some useful info on it, go to 'work'. Steve,
I also think there's an element of freak water attracting people out?
е Bala Mill was really flowing well and was a bit sticky at the bottom, another heart stopping moment !. Also anyone fancy the Skirfare (Littondale) ? There seemed to be quite a bit of water shooting under the main road brisge this afternoon.
If the Upper Tavy is at the dangerous in the trees level then the Walkham into the Lower Tavy is an excellent continuous run. Starts off as grade 2 but soon produces a good continuous narrow fast grade 3+? that goes on with an almost Alpine continuity. Gotta be lots of water in it though.
Out of curiousity, did anyone else read the letter re: star tests and playboats in this months CoDe? If so, did anyone have any thoughts about it?
Whole trip took 45 minutes including several bank inspections. I think the buzz from it will fuel me nicely through next week at work.... и‡ ж‡
No, seriously... if you see us, We're getting the 21:45 Sea France Ferry, give us a shout and we'll get the beers in! (You can't miss me...scruffy scouse git, with a ring in my eyebrow!?...but obviously Damn good looking! ;) )
No recognised access and I guess they will get pissed off with all and sundry turning up at inconvienant times and on mass. anyway ther must be better places to go! It's a good job DK & AB aren't in on this 」

2020年05月25日月曜日 23時43分
他の客も酔いが回ってきた頃に、見馴れない一人の貴公子が店に入ってきた。不幸を絵に描いたようなタイプだ。lanfevanba はライムを織り交ぜてリズミカルにこう語った。
駆け出しアクアリスト lanfevanba
「г“ г I was going to give it a go, have got the access pack from BCU, but not shure id make a very good job of it.
Tons of it in mid/south Wales. Paddled the Edw today, great splash and even more great to be back on the water at last!! Long may it last. Can't wait until tomorrow! Hi Chas- Iwas getting that too - but then sussed it out-
г° г Severn tribs Cheers,
Andy, Glad someone else copped out of doing the Tarrell on Saturday. We looked at it about 11.00 in the morning too. Ended up just on the Usk - Sennybridge to Aberbran. It was just below flood level. Big waves and the first 2 drops just didn't exist. The 3rd's stopper was impressively threatening and being a wise cowards we walked around.
Anyone free from work who wants to join me and go boating? Anything considered. must be better than specs. г
People do wear glasses and contacts, some even wear sports goggles over them.
(Parents and children) Sadly this one is not working either. It could be useful for spotting the lost boats as they head for the sea. 」

2020年05月25日月曜日 23時22分
他の客も酔いが回ってきた頃に、見馴れない一人の彼氏が店に入ってきた。食えない・・・その手の人間だ。prosadcusi はいかに彼女というものが素晴らしいかを主張し始めた。もちろん、魚の次にだが。
駆け出しアクアリスト prosadcusi
「г Hopefully, with help of your letter, that something will be done about the whole scheme"
I was just wondering if I could have some advice. I'm lost amongst the adverts for new boats and I dont know which one to choose. I'm looking for a playboat that can pull of lots of tricks but will also be safe and stable on stuff like grade 4+ possibly 5 rivers. does anyone have any advice on such boats. I thought about the eskimo quadro, sub 7, roit glide, or ina zone 232. One slight downer was my paddling companion - Julian - lost his paddles at the confluence with the Tees. They were last seen bobbing along quite happily towards Worlton Lido and I am sure beyond.
г г“ Yes OK then - that's better. Most popular region then..??!!
--------------------------------------------------- Cheers for now, Snooky.
Elliott Dan г д
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Graham...levels must have dropped overnight...Dave F went off to do the lower Tavy today but found the upper section to now be at a sensible level, and did that. Mick...we can't afford to eat in Austria :rollin 」

2020年05月25日月曜日 23時20分
駆け出しアクアリスト yj60
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2020年05月25日月曜日 23時19分
駆け出しアクアリスト venladouli
「г The Dart season for canoeing is Oct 1st to Feb 28th (or 29th if we're in a Leap Year) The Loop is open for all of these months, the Upper from Dec 1st to end of Feb and the Lower (below River Dart Country Park to Totnes) closes at the end of Jan. Jerry, if you see us on the ferry.... RUN! or you'll be sucked dry of all your information, advice and tips from the naive, fresh faced (and not so fresh faced) Alpine Virgins! We'll leave you as a quivering wreck :lol
Costs extremely cheap, you could survive very well for ?25 a day including accomodation and food. Chas
д :-)
Can you let me know your E mail address then Inverted. Have you paddled the Wye before? For registered users you can click on their name to see their profile (in the left of the screen)
The river dropped about 3' while we were on it and, probably, by 4pm the Upper Tavy would have been OK. Ogwen or Colwyn are first choice but experience, and my Mate, who lives by, reckons unless it rains Sat night or Sunday morning No Chance and the forecast does not look good!
Well, he was gnearly right, wasn't he? a bargain at ?465 г
Steve B. Thanks hopefully.
im short sighted and I wear a funny pair of sports glasses which do the job - but I still shut my eyes when I roll So who was it filmed paddling on the Ure, shown in a report about the flooding, Central News on Sunday? 」
venladouli の話を聞いていると猫丸(マスター)の魚まで憂鬱になる。

2020年05月25日月曜日 23時17分
駆け出しアクアリスト stilinidex
「г Thanks for that, we're heading for Slovakia rather than Slovenia, but I'll bear it in mind for a future trip. Good to see our tax spent well...still looking forward to those notes, Mr Surman!
So I guess my question is - Geographically, where are the most paddlers? OK, I've got one. Photo to follow.
г No - it's the middle wave at Mile End Mill....fantastic place to play, although apparently some people have had nasty bumps when they get flipped (never happened to me.....yet : ) Can be a bit sticky but nothing serious, just keep ya cool! Another factor is that this board can if necessary be moderated; in crude speak, I can delete messages at my leisure. I do know that for some folk, this dubious benefit made the board more, rather than less, appealing. I also know that this point of view is not shared by all contributors.
Here are my thoughts.....
And of course the SCA and WCA! If you really want to get specific, the Scout Association has its own canoeing regs and no doubt the other youth orgs do likewise. 'with the recent development of short boats the techniques for producing an efficient forward paddle stroke is different - not right or wrong, just different - from that needed from a longer boat.'
The coaching scheme is fine as it is if you want to coach. I would suggest that an informed word with your AU might be your best option. I'd be surprised if the rules being enforced by Leeds were direct recommendations from the BCU. Other thoughts? г
How did your conversation with the BCU go? (you don't have to answer I'm just being nosey, interesting to see how others trying to progress through the assessor scheme experience things :D )
How about adding profiles ??? Happy Paddling 」

2020年05月25日月曜日 23時15分
アクア初心者 激安グレースエードスニーカー 6 
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2020年05月25日月曜日 23時14分
駆け出しアクアリスト lisopira
「г Come on don't be shy :rollin Thanks hopefully.
When reading wave buoys look to the Scilly Isles (Buoy 62107) and Channel Approach (Buoys 62163 and 62029) buoys. If there is any North in the swell direction, there will be little chance of surf. West or South West swell will bring waves to us, but the wave height needs to be 3m+ to give us a good swell. Mick
г Staffs area and can diliver to Tryweryn of Mile End Mill. Regards
I've sorted that now...'refresh' the front page. I've been sent some pictures of the last one...anyone possess shots of the others, or in a position to be able to take a few pictures in the next couple of weekends? Magazine glory awaits...
It's also a small place itself.
A group from the BVCC were there at the weekend and they did not take their boats off their roofs all w/e and came back early, they said it did get some rain Saturday night but it had no effect, So yes I think you are hallucinating ! WE WILL PADDLE TOGETHER ONE DAY!!! д‘
Splendid fun today...the upper Dart had dropped to a more sensible level than yesterday...still out of it's banks but it was all paddleable. Even so I spent a fair while ummming and ahhhing before running the ledges...
Mark R Judging by the camera just before dark, it's flooding again this evening. 」
猫丸(マスター)はその時lisopira の水槽にかける意気込みを確かに感じた・・・。

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