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2020年05月26日火曜日 00時38分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の紳士が店に入ってきた。pibughobe という名前は魚の学名と一緒で覚えるのに一苦労だ。pibughobe は独り言をブツブツ言いながら水槽の一点を見つめ、テーブルについた。
駆け出しアクアリスト pibughobe
「г I'm converted!
I know at least one person who just accepts that he can't see anything more than a few tens of yards away. I think he prefers to have perfect vision close up because that's where the immediate threat comes from!
ж‡ PS - I don't think Riot make the Glide anymore; have a look at their website or the Peak UK site. wheres the best place to buy daily contacts from,
It made walking around in the rain all week worthwhile... :-)
Rory, appreciate the offer - for the same reason as you, (limited time) any time I do have to assist on 4 star courses I'd rather do them with the CCP's as they can sign me off, Hope that doesn't come across as a slap down on the offer? I have no fears that I can run and assess 4 star, so experience isn't really the issue - just gaddam signatures! that's no excuse...your a paddler
1 - In order to gain signatures you need to assist on a course provided by a CCP - does this infer that courses run by non CCP's are of a poorer quality and lower standard? If not, why can a non CCP recognise a colleague as being of the same standard? I don't understand why only CCP's can sign my log book? е г
It got me thinking, to my mind this is one of the best rivers I've run, fast, technical and full on - just how I like 'em.
I wrote an e-mail to the BCU regarding the whole assessor status thing, here's a copy of the original e-mail and, would you believe it, a reply!....a positive one at that! (are things changing in the ivory towers? :lol ) 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 00時33分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の男性が店に入ってきた。店に入る前からbreezunovin は酔っ払っていたらしく、来てそうそう床に吐いた。breezunovin は独り言をブツブツ言いながら水槽の一点を見つめ、テーブルについた。
駆け出しアクアリスト breezunovin
「г I have some friends in Boone which is a "little" way from Asheville. I'll be heading over at some point in the future for a spring or autumn trip. Not this year unfortunately. :-(
Thanks Mick, think we've cracked it.
г Yes it is the one with the salmon weir on it. Yes we did run the weir in an EZ and Dagger Vengeance. I know pretty stupid! The weir is Crickhowell needs to be very high for a wave to form, otherwise it is a pourover type stopper.
Underwater vision
know a few people who use disposables and have no problems with them getting washed out. Roy
We will be reviewing how this season's new arrangements have worked out when we've had a breather at the end of the season. г° е
Keep getting "is global user an error", anyone know what this means. Cheers,
Matt 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 00時28分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の紳士が店に入ってきた。聞いたこともない会社のこれまた聞いたこともないアクア用品を使う。soadescpersows は昔の水槽を思い出したかのようにこう言い出した。
駆け出しアクアリスト soadescpersows
「г г much lower. In fact it's will have had to pick up some speed to cope with the racecourse!
е Mick, I,m not a course provider but A1 assessor and because of previous status (old scheme) can assess 4 star open and kayak, none planed though........if something comes about I'll let you know. I've given up trying to get A2 status, too many hoops :rolleyes and I would rather spend my own time on the river or on the rock.
For me it's gotta be North Wales, Welsh Magic!!! I've not found a boat since that has as comfortable a seat as the AQII. Everything has got much wider since then.....(boat seat design not my arse!!).
I'v also got some open boat pics of Ian Duffy on the Cleverdog - running Bryntail Falls.
oops I forgot.... е
Hope to see some of you (Mark, Dave, Andy, whoever else) on the Dart tomorrow, but we've got a WKC club group organised so I'll be paddling with them this time. We went over to run it on Sunday but ended up doing the Upper Tavy instead as that was now at a sensible level.Great.
Mick 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 00時23分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人のダンディが店に入ってきた。まあ良い噂を聞いた事が無いのは確かだ。poicranjansa は今の仕事の駆け出しアクアリストを辞めて、熱帯魚屋に転職したいというような話をしてきた。
駆け出しアクアリスト poicranjansa
「г Mark, We'll I finally managed to complete the Ogwen this weekend - medium levels.....
Did the River Kent in Cumbria. It seemed to be at a nice level with enough things to keep everyone amused. The long grade 3/4 looks nothing like it does though in pictures; some of the stoppers seem much larger. One paddler in a Savage Skeetor (OC-1) got a couple of 'intentional' low-angle cartwheels to prove the point. A couple of paddlers tried to do the weir with varying degrees of success; I personally thought that the inner tube being recirculated mid-river was a subtle hint not to try it. ;-) The L-shaped ledge was rather funny though; I took the line as far left as possible (went well with a nice soft landing) though a couple unintentionally tried the middle line which went badly. A quick rescue later and the group blasted down Force Falls (with a 100% roll/swim rate). :-)
г Journey to Wales...(again)...and it was dry!
Its Rain you want. Plenty of that. Did the River Kent in Cumbria. It seemed to be at a nice level with enough things to keep everyone amused. The long grade 3/4 looks nothing like it does though in pictures; some of the stoppers seem much larger. One paddler in a Savage Skeetor (OC-1) got a couple of 'intentional' low-angle cartwheels to prove the point. A couple of paddlers tried to do the weir with varying degrees of success; I personally thought that the inner tube being recirculated mid-river was a subtle hint not to try it. ;-) The L-shaped ledge was rather funny though; I took the line as far left as possible (went well with a nice soft landing) though a couple unintentionally tried the middle line which went badly. A quick rescue later and the group blasted down Force Falls (with a 100% roll/swim rate). :-)
Hope you find what you are after.
All good points roo - I am aware that my kayak learning experience is reasonably unique in the UK - lucky me ! - but others in our Uni club have been equally frustrated at the amount of backward steps they have had to take before they can go forward. No more on that now ! The bottom line? Try out all the boats you like the look of. You can't even start to tell until you've paddled a boat for a couple of hours. г г
Arrived at Hillbridge to find it at a perfect level yet again- but absolutely deserted- I didn't know you'd got back into paddling....well done that man :rollin
Mark R sean 」
poicranjansa は終わりのアクアライフに入り込んでしまっている。

2020年05月26日火曜日 00時18分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の学生が店に入ってきた。随分とご機嫌な様子だ。amstaphchoonald は女から聞いたというクラウンローチの話をしだした。
駆け出しアクアリスト amstaphchoonald
Would definately recomend you go and try the water up there!! Yep, I suppose it doesn't "really" count. However it's where I did the majority of my coaching (and learning) when it came to teaching strokes including all the strokes I use on the river. So that when it comes to teaching strokes on the river the only difference is the temperature :-( (Steve and Adrian have clarified my view on the validity of pool based teaching)
г г The criteria for being a "Uni Club trip" is as simple as borrowing one piece of university kit, or even a paddling trip when those people involved know each other from university - even if they have their own transport and their own gear !! (Basically so if something happens and the media get hold of it, the Uni can say they knew about the trip)
Steaming up IS a problem and yes, you can get anti-mist stuff in a little spray from most opticians.
For your info Mark the swin was humilitaing. The last drop on the Greta - as it joins the Tees - and there were even spectators on the bank and bridge!! He's also developing a good bruise to keep him from paddling next week!!?? Davef
I know from personal experience when I aimed a little too close to the right hand flow how difficult it is to avoid especially in a larger boat (I was in a 16' open canoe at the time). I have vivid memories of jumping out onto the rocks above the drop and fighting to get the canoe out before it got bent in the constriction at the top. How much was your waterproof phone? г
IT would seem that the flow phones are a little slow to react and some don't include the last time of update. Which meant I chose biking and missed out on what sounded like an awesome play session on the Tyne Gorge. To be fair though there must have been a big release lunchtime from Kielder because when the paddlers first checked it out on the drive up the level was low. How do gallons compare to litres? Forgive me I've only been taught in metric.
Tips for good vision....Carrots....apparently! ;) 」
amstaphchoonald の話よりamstaphchoonald という名前の方が笑える。

2020年05月26日火曜日 00時13分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の青年が店に入ってきた。この界隈じゃ水槽をいじらせたくない青年ベストテンに入るらしい。stinkengfeedsga はライムを織り交ぜてリズミカルにこう語った。
駆け出しアクアリスト stinkengfeedsga
「е ?400 and it's yours.
Very old and dangerous throwline for the winner.
г ж‡ Mike I can't paddle a big boat for toffee as I can't stop them from going in a straight line, but I've got the right technique for paddling a playboat.
Getting the boat balanced is just as important for other weight too far back and amusing things happen when you try to cross eddy lines.
Igot thourouhly pissed off with the scheme and if it was not for the job requirements I would have shoved it somwhere dark. >: Just to emphasise the 'billy no mates' aspect, I'm hoping to camp at the Dart Country Park. Anybody know if this is possible yet, or is it too easy in the season?
28 Wavesport Super EZ Blue/ Black Ex-Demo Dart shop г
Generally I find that it isn't a problem, except occasionally when you get splashed hard in the face in a stopper. Certainly a lot better than wearing
Welsh whitewater rivers almost always need rain to be paddleable....pray that it rains when you come here. There is certainly a good chance in February. If not, a few rivers are good in low water. Suggestions, anyone? Mark's web site, Mark's message board (sorry commuuuuuunity) but my humble and worthless opinion is that large non-paddling-related ads are not a good way to go. 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 00時08分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の巨漢が店に入ってきた。こう見えても金には汚い。そして、底砂も汚い。comberaman はあふれる涙と水槽の水を拭こうともせず、ただこう言ったのである・・・・。
駆け出しアクアリスト comberaman
「г г Sample consent form for the use of photographs or video. Assessor status?
Nealy's book? eh? what? come on spill the beans! I've obviously got the Sladden Bible but I've never heard of Nealy's book? (I'm assuming it's a guidebook and not the book 'Kayak' by William 'not bill' Nealy?)
г Well here it is - bald, old and going backwards - still you can't see the bald spot and the visor hides the wrinkles. I'm only allowed home for weekends!
We haven't been up to Glenmore for quite a few years now.
The weekends on the Upper go VERY quickly - usually by June the previous year. The weekends on the Loop are usually filled by 2-3 weeks before the date (some popular ones go a bit quicker) HOWEVER the weekdays on all sections are almost always available - with the exception of some Fridays and Mondays on the Upper. This is why we offer a weekdays only season ticket on the Loop and (new this season) we were piloting allowing the country park to issue Tues/Wed/Thurs tickets for the Upper, and weekday tickets on the Loop, to 'on spec' callers. Did you get off the river in Tavistock or have the taxi waiting at Harford Bridge?
Mick Also, it might be worth talking to Dronfield Baptist Church Canoe Club: г г
South Wales rivers in flood - many roads closed - failed to reach the Usk get-in from Abergavenny this morning - road closed at many places - checked out the Grwyne - higher than I've ever seen it - at 2 on the upper gauge. Thought about paddling it, took some interesting photos and chickened out and went home for a bacon butty! (Send you the photos later Mark) You have mill falls listed in the guides, both between Brecon and Talybont and between (Talybont to Llangynidr).
Fiona 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 00時03分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の優男が店に入ってきた。見ているこちらが辟易するくらいの派手な衣装だ。ovsaurichgue は何を思ったか一冊のアクア雑誌を取り出し、猫丸(マスター)に聞こえるよう朗読し始めたのだ!
駆け出しアクアリスト ovsaurichgue
「г Ogwen or Colwyn are first choice but experience, and my Mate, who lives by, reckons unless it rains Sat night or Sunday morning No Chance and the forecast does not look good!
I used to work for Derby City Youth Service (and social services for a year) I probably haven't come across you if your working in Matlock (is that Lea Green?). ...and they certainly don't forgive you if you roll leaning back in my experience; you're up but you spend the next few seconds trying to get back forwards!
е и‡ Hi Inverted (wot is your name, I can't keep calling you inverted is sounds almost perverted) JJ as far as I know was on the Eden last week-end. I rang him on Tuesday suggesting a paddle on the Irfon for Wednesday and he said he had a lady coming round and the way he felt at that moment a lady would do him more good than a paddle! There's no arguing with that!! Sad really, I'd be hard pressed not to opt for the paddle myself. :b
Aka Robin the Cartwheel King or Mr GruntWheel ?! Milford Weir - You can have fun there...I don't think I'd say it was 'great' though? I don't think there's 'official' access but a few points to bear in mind:
I do think however that there are certain things about web boards that give them an edge of their own....feel free to discuss/ disagree with my points below . г г
Journey to Wales...(again)...and it was dry! Mick
Fiona Mick 」

2020年05月25日月曜日 23時58分
他の客も酔いが回ってきた頃に、見馴れない一人のプリンスが店に入ってきた。vabtomawa はウィンクを店にいた箱入り娘に送り(片目だけのウィンクはできないらしい)、駆け出しアクアリストという職業が気に入っているらしくこんな話をはじめた。
駆け出しアクアリスト vabtomawa
「г г *If you find that you keep having to log in again for every message you post, then you need to go to your internet explorer settings (tools > internet options > content > autocomplete > fiddle about).
questions, questions, questions.....this could all be sorted out in 5 mins on the water! :lol At the technical end of the spectrum, Brown's Knots and Splices (Captain Jutsum) offers a delightfully 1900's style in what seems to have been a technical work in it's day.
и‡ Yep, that's the number I have. The voice on the other end is utterly incomprehensible, according to the French speakers who used it. Thanks
on the Home page of this message board- there's a link -"My Control Centre" ( top Left-)
1) When driving into the factory, stop and let the guard know what your doing (politely). This is just courtesy really and I don't know of anyone who has ever been stopped?
See you for breakfast at RDCC Mark- Sunday am г г
Mark H
It was productive though, bumped into a group from preston we may meet up with for a paddle. A few people there were considering whether it was worth getting wet for the level that we spoke to. I think the lower Tavy is first-rate for playing, but this impression is based upon a trip in super-high water a few years back (Dart had been closed)...what did you think? 」

2020年05月25日月曜日 23時55分
駆け出しアクアリスト christianhs3
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