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2020年05月26日火曜日 02時02分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人のプリンスが店に入ってきた。beachfflabwhistio は水槽中の魚に投げキッスをし、なぜか、宝塚口調で喋り出した。
駆け出しアクアリスト beachfflabwhistio
「г Also, it might be worth talking to Dronfield Baptist Church Canoe Club: As for the short boat argument, there are techniques for big boats and techniques for short boats. So long as you learn the right technique, you learn to paddle the sort of boat you want to paddle.
Chas C
г PS This evenings' picture is deceptive...there is reasonable swell still but the tide is unusually far out due to the spring tide, so it's not that big.
The only problem is that I tend to find the reception is not all that good on Orange in the valleys of North Wales! and in Scotland I dont bother taking the phone from the car. Still, it'd have squirt boat potential.... ;-)
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My stroke will change. A longer deeper stroke in the polo boat. No rocks to hit!! I don't think my paddling position changes though. Of course it depends on the boat and how it is trimmed. If you score a kayaking job that should be all you need apart from some experience. If you want to work as a raft guide and already know how to guide then you will have to do a minimum number of trips (usually 6), depending on which river you work on, and sit an assessment (a lot of company owners are assessors). If you have no experience of guiding rafts then you have the choice of attending a course somewhere, or or hooking up with a company and learning "on the job", for which you won't be paid. The Kaituna is unique case as there are two guides in each boat - one primarily for reflipping the raft and rescuing punters if/when the back guide gets muntered by the waterfall. Someone with rescue training and first aid can work as front guide after a minimum 20 trips, depending on apptitude. In this case it would be best to come over the winter (i.e. April/May) so you can get experience and fully assessed before the summer season, when nobody will have time to train you! Guide licenses in NZ are split into categories - grade 3, grade 4/5, grade 3 senior, grade 4/5 senior if I remember correctly. To work round Rotorua you need your 4/5 licence which involves and assessment on the Kaituna and also on the Rangitaiki (as the 'tuna is a piece of piss to guide and doesn't demonstrate much rafting skill, wheras the Rangi is rocky as hell and does. д‘
Cheers, Avon
...or 45 seconds outside a pub. Yeah...damn right it's short ;) 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 01時55分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の巨漢が店に入ってきた。こう見えても金には汚い。そして、底砂も汚い。chicheapteco は辺りかまわず罵った。
駆け出しアクアリスト chicheapteco
「г And I'm glad somebody else was told that its almost impossible to flat cartwheel an inazone 230, but now I feel even more crap Depending on your size, one of the ina zones old or new!
The rain is falling in South Wales at the moment and the prospects for the weekend are looking good again!!! Its good to finally get out on some good rivers again but here is hopeing we don't lose anymore boats!!! Craig.
г I was just wondering if I could have some advice. I'm lost amongst the adverts for new boats and I dont know which one to choose. I'm looking for a playboat that can pull of lots of tricks but will also be safe and stable on stuff like grade 4+ possibly 5 rivers. does anyone have any advice on such boats. I thought about the eskimo quadro, sub 7, roit glide, or ina zone 232.
I was in my final year at Newcastle when they tried to bring in these sort of criteria. So I fully appreciate the problems you have here.
Get it wrong, that's what I did, no water they said, nothings running they all said, so instead of paddling, I went mountain biking - up Glen Tilt. :rollin
Coming down to the SW again at the weekend? I was in the Wavesport Z with Graham (WS EZ)and Ben(WS X), all from Ringwood C.C. otherwise known as yokel team Wavesport. г г
Shame you couldn't make it...inevitably, on the day concerned the Upper Dart had a medium/ high level (as opposed to medium flood two days before!) which would have been exactly what you were looking for, in terms of preparing for 5 star.
Dan 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 01時51分
駆け出しアクアリスト adlatigua
「г г Mick Robert
Any chance of posting some of that water up to me? ;) oops I forgot....
г“ sean sean
I would not like to have a "club policy" or permission form, as I think it raises worries that don't really exist. Pete.
Jerry Murland He's the tall one at the back if you are unsure ;-) д г
The Greta was an absolute treat huge all the way. There are some trees in it which could be a problem if the water was any lower but we were just sailing right over them. I managed to find about 8 new sections for a next edition before I left the country. Also, there are one or two of the descriptions that need re- writing. The Dugoed springs to mind. I remembered the bottom scary gorge all too well but I couldn't remember the middle bit well and when I paddled it again it was far better than I remembered it(and not particularly like my description..... honesty in a guide book writer !). When I lived in Brithdir I got out and boated it about 20 times and it is a great section in the right level.
Since you live so close - can you post a message the next time the surf's up? Craig. 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 01時47分
駆け出しアクアリスト tropabconzong
「д‘ г° I (insert name of child) consent to (Club or organisation) photographing or videoing my involvement in (sport)
Glad someone else copped out of doing the Tarrell on Saturday. We looked at it about 11.00 in the morning too. Ended up just on the Usk - Sennybridge to Aberbran. It was just below flood level. Big waves and the first 2 drops just didn't exist. The 3rd's stopper was impressively threatening and being a wise cowards we walked around.
е Mark R 2)        The place was deserted. Our car was the only one in the car park when we got on the river.
HAVE FUN!!!! Chas C
roo г г
Sorry, first word of last post should read 'half'
FYI you can now get demo boats out at a lot of the retailers. I came to my decision on what I wanted after spending a little cash on demo boats both at AS on the Dart and also at Tryweryn. Went with a couple of others and shared the demo boats around so that we all managed to try a few out and it was a bit cheaper. 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 01時43分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の野郎が店に入ってきた。この辺りでblogtemdicap の水槽管理に関して、いい噂は聞かない・・・。blogtemdicap は猫丸(マスター)を見つけると嬉しそうに近づいてきた。
駆け出しアクアリスト blogtemdicap
「г sean
:( Sorry Mick missed your message my Partner was on the the Net till late and did not see y0ur message till tonight.
г е Information request hf
As to reference material, the web resources are fine but in my experience, somewhat restricted. There are a number of excellent books - if you have a Scout Association Shop near you, look at what they have. Scouts are, after all, about the best source of knowlege on knots outside of sailing circles. hf
It certainly makes a change from my usual South Wales rivers!
It's a bit like a pub; most people go for a chat with their mates. Sometimes the chat gets a bit heated, sometimes a bit "political". Sometimes there's the obligatory group in the corner who seem to spend most of their time bickering. But very, very few people go back to the pub in the full knowledge that they can't get in through the door without an argument. They - and their mates - find another pub. Shame - but true. г
As to reference material, the web resources are fine but in my experience, somewhat restricted. There are a number of excellent books - if you have a Scout Association Shop near you, look at what they have. Scouts are, after all, about the best source of knowlege on knots outside of sailing circles. (To do smileys, when you post a message on the left hand side there are some links, one of which is 'use emoticons' click it and it will show you what to type to get an 'emoticon' or 'smiley')
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2020年05月26日火曜日 01時40分
駆け出しアクアリスト prombangmosa
「е Sunday was one of my weirdest days' boating ever. Lowest ever River Erme run in the morning, highest ever (successful!) Dart run in the afternoon. Mick, come down to Dartmoor and join us this weekend (or Monday - Wednesday??). We have access to the Dart; the water levels may not be what they have been, but you WILL get your big water experience in appropriate 5 star conditions.
Mike, which upper gauge are u referring to?
г Cheers, See ya,
The rain is falling in South Wales at the moment and the prospects for the weekend are looking good again!!! Its good to finally get out on some good rivers again but here is hopeing we don't lose anymore boats!!! PS Anyone else having problems accessing the main site at present?
I didn't know you'd got back into paddling....well done that man :rollin г“
The key word in your query is 'safe'...any boat with a scooped out front deck (eg. Sub 7, EZ) may be a liability on steep low volume boating. It depends how you feel about taking this risk. Perhaps the best 'compromise' boat out of those suggested so far is the Inazone, but obviously it is just that...a compromise giving reasonable playboat performance and reasonable river-running characteristics. 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 01時36分
駆け出しアクアリスト globanpante
「г г I have just gone through that painful process myself. Though I love my new boat I wonпt waste your time telling you what it is. Btw the level was dropping as we paddled it- it'll need more
So we drove into Tavistock and got Sheryl searching the telephone boxes for cab co. no.s- there weren't any- but just at that moment a cab went past so I scribbled down his no. Mick
её Go to the main 'message board' page (1st one). Log in, then on the top left there's a link to 'my control centre' that. Then, on the the new page, click 'edit profile'. Fill in all the relevant sections and remember to save the changes before you leave the page! "Grand jour pour le nord" Sometimes you can't believe the stuff people sing about!! Have a listen to "It's great when you're straight, yeah" by Black Grape if you have no idea what I'm burbling about!!
no I think the ina zones r - also the outlaw has loads of volume around the cockpit - too much if u ask me...but its a nice boat so my dad says - and he can stern squirt it brilliantly... You could have found that yourself you lazy git.
The criteria for being a "Uni Club trip" is as simple as borrowing one piece of university kit, or even a paddling trip when those people involved know each other from university - even if they have their own transport and their own gear !! (Basically so if something happens and the media get hold of it, the Uni can say they knew about the trip)
I seem to be the opposite of most people - I always keep my eyes shut and can't imagine opening them, it hurts underwater.... I was fairly new boy to it, but I think this site has replaced it...for me at least д‘ г
Nice and warm here indoors!
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2020年05月26日火曜日 01時32分
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2020年05月26日火曜日 01時30分
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2020年05月26日火曜日 01時02分
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