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2020年05月26日火曜日 02時31分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の彼氏が店に入ってきた。食えない・・・その手の人間だ。ovanlafor はライムを織り交ぜてリズミカルにこう語った。
駆け出しアクアリスト ovanlafor
「г г Davef
What was this Dave, a case of irreconcilable differences?
г Oh and someone puts a camera on the beach so we can see it - great eh.
Also the sea is pleasently "warm" compared to Hurley and rivers, making rolling bearable. Dan
Rory, appreciate the offer - for the same reason as you, (limited time) any time I do have to assist on 4 star courses I'd rather do them with the CCP's as they can sign me off, Hope that doesn't come across as a slap down on the offer? I have no fears that I can run and assess 4 star, so experience isn't really the issue - just gaddam signatures!
That was the delight of the Upper Conwy! Well you've just proved to me that the replies on this site are from real people, who do real paddling! ;) Jerry, г
That's what I did and settled on the 232...I'm well annoyed that someone on an earlier thread has managed to flat water cartwheel it!! DAMN!! I thought it was impossible...obviously not...I'm just crap!
BCU - River Dart Access Dont call me surely!! 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時28分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の優男が店に入ってきた。emxoleba は水槽中の魚に投げキッスをし、emxoleba は辺りかまわず罵った。
駆け出しアクアリスト emxoleba
「г For registered users you can click on their name to see their profile (in the left of the screen) I too have had problems with the assessor ladder,I had all but given up after getting A1* a few years ago, but I had a nice friendly and informative discussion with the bods at BCU coaching last week, things are looking up now, and we're back on track.
Let me know anyway and I can assist if, by some miracle, I do have spare time and haven't yet gained the signatures.
и‡ (I like your photo by the way!) Multiply the vol. in gallons by 4.546 to find the vol. in litres. Divide the vol. in litres by 4.546 to find the vol. in litres.
The key word in your query is 'safe'...any boat with a scooped out front deck (eg. Sub 7, EZ) may be a liability on steep low volume boating. It depends how you feel about taking this risk. Perhaps the best 'compromise' boat out of those suggested so far is the Inazone, but obviously it is just that...a compromise giving reasonable playboat performance and reasonable river-running characteristics. Might be a good idea to compare my lad to someone like shaun baker tho.....
hi Michael, thanks for your email. I replied but got the email back! Anyway I work during the week but can paddle almost every weekend. Is it still running well and is it wet enough that it might still have enough water on Sunday. All I have to do then is talk a couple of guys into wanting to go for a rip down it.
I quite like this board and it's certainly fast enough with the uni connection, but I feel the discussions are lacking some of the depth that was achieved on uk.r.p.b ;-) г
The weekends on the Upper go VERY quickly - usually by June the previous year. The weekends on the Loop are usually filled by 2-3 weeks before the date (some popular ones go a bit quicker) HOWEVER the weekdays on all sections are almost always available - with the exception of some Fridays and Mondays on the Upper. This is why we offer a weekdays only season ticket on the Loop and (new this season) we were piloting allowing the country park to issue Tues/Wed/Thurs tickets for the Upper, and weekday tickets on the Loop, to 'on spec' callers. roo
If I do carry one (generally when coaching) I just put it in the back of my boat, inside a drybag. Never actually used it yet (whilst canoeing) but it's just there for emergencies and is turned off until I need it anyway. 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時26分
駆け出しアクアリスト atiiloAgofe
「Интернет-портал будет полезен для тех, кого интересует возможность быстрого заработка. Зарабатывать в интернете сегодня может каждый, для этого даже не нужно вкладывать свои средства. На сайте представлены обучающие видео, где рассказывается о том, как начать зарабатывать без вложений и особых усилий. Воспользовавшись рекомендациями, которые представлены на портале, зарабатывать в интернете научится даже школьник. Обучающие видеоролики доступны для просмотра абсолютно бесплатно.」

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時24分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の男の子が店に入ってきた。長生きするとこういう客も珍しくない。ovgareta は今の仕事の駆け出しアクアリストを辞めて、熱帯魚屋に転職したいというような話をしてきた。
駆け出しアクアリスト ovgareta
「ж‡ rain before it's up again!! If I get around to a new second edition I will be asking for all the input and ideas that the real paddlers out there have, Until then I am really chuffed out here in cold BC that so many of the Welsh rivers are being enjoyed perhaps due in part at least to my small efforts .
"Dangerous Sports" (far less injuries than on the Rugby pitch) at Universities are a dying breed, or at least are suffering badly from legislation....
и‡ е If you want to do moving water star tests, then 4* is the place to be.
HTH г и‡
Mark H As to reference material, the web resources are fine but in my experience, somewhat restricted. There are a number of excellent books - if you have a Scout Association Shop near you, look at what they have. Scouts are, after all, about the best source of knowlege on knots outside of sailing circles.
Yep many thanks Mark, warm light winds and nice size surf. 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時20分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人のプリンスが店に入ってきた。elinrontuss はウィンクを店にいた淑女に送り(片目だけのウィンクはできないらしい)、猫丸(マスター)にの水槽に顔を近づけると口臭を放ちながら喋り出した。
駆け出しアクアリスト elinrontuss
「г г Mick The old newsgroup seems to have died almost completely, very few posts now and little 'thread' activity. Personally I'm quite saddened by this, it used to be such a thriving group. Anyone else mourning its demise?
г° Met a party that had run the Walkham - which sounded as though this would have been another (and perhaps more interesting) alternative? - any views just in case we get another weekend like that!
Hammering down in S Wales at present and more forecast.
is it cool that when ever someone mentions the name of a river, they always put a referance to ure book?? ive got the book and lets face it - for the welsh paddler, the two classic books r ures and of course nealy's book ...or 45 seconds outside a pub.
2) People wishing to bid for boats will need to register prior to theauction Davef г е
Anybody else want to go higher???
The weekends on the Upper go VERY quickly - usually by June the previous year. The weekends on the Loop are usually filled by 2-3 weeks before the date (some popular ones go a bit quicker) HOWEVER the weekdays on all sections are almost always available - with the exception of some Fridays and Mondays on the Upper. This is why we offer a weekdays only season ticket on the Loop and (new this season) we were piloting allowing the country park to issue Tues/Wed/Thurs tickets for the Upper, and weekday tickets on the Loop, to 'on spec' callers. 」
elinrontuss は後半部分は殆ど外部濾過器に向かって喋っていた。

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時17分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人のミスターが店に入ってきた。自分の事を素晴らしい魚飼いだと勘違いしている。poparabe は何を思ったか一冊のアクア雑誌を取り出し、猫丸(マスター)に聞こえるよう朗読し始めたのだ!
駆け出しアクアリスト poparabe
「г её Mark H I was very pleased to have to remain with vehicle for AA attendance as mates still wanted to run it!! SUICIDE!!
е ian And to the person who asked this question a while ago, are you having as much difficulty as me?
Congratulations! Home delivery or did you opt for the local baby shop?
Other thoughts? mmm...oh alright then.....
Vyrnwy Given the reaction of the locals I don't think its done very often. All positive apart from the farmer by the 'best rapid in England', they came striding over purposefully, (they may have just wanted to talk about the weather but it seemed prudent to move on down!) д
Oh god, it took a while to sink in. Would this be downstream of slow horse? has had a slight dink on hull but welded ok, from bouncing off metal weir junk, not just thined out.
Mick the Coaching processes doesn't help with the assessor grades but does get me to L4 coach, & hopefully I will come away a better coach! Out of curiousity, did anyone else read the letter re: star tests and playboats in this months CoDe? If so, did anyone have any thoughts about it? 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時13分
駆け出しアクアリスト trannejone
「г I am interested to know how you found the job as a raft guide. Did you apply in country or back here at home? What company are you with and do they offer jobs every year? What qualifications did you need if any to get the job and did they interview you on the river etc? Cheers Tom
г Barriers : the second one took me two goes to get up though...and I feel really bad about it still! one was playing and I caught an edge doing a flat spin (trying - though I did one perfect one) and my paddles got caught 'cos it was only about 2ft. deep!!!
Quote:"UK paddlesport newsgroup, UK.REC.BOATS.PADDLE ...I recommend a visit! " Apparently a helicopter was involved. Anyone have further details?
How did your conversation with the BCU go? (you don't have to answer I'm just being nosey, interesting to see how others trying to progress through the assessor scheme experience things :D ) г
Capel Curig 40mm of rain!!
Michael 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時09分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人のミスターが店に入ってきた。言わずと知れたkoltotema アクアリスト組合のボスだ。koltotema は水槽周りを警戒するようにこう言い出した。
駆け出しアクアリスト koltotema
「г ж° Mick
Please note I am holiday from the 9th Feb for the week, so will repsond A.S.A.P. The reef knot and fishermans are OK, but the joining of ropes with a fig. 8 or overhand and with long tails is new to me,
г г That's good advice above....a club will ease you into the sport. If you later get into Coaching, competition etc. you'll have to be a member of the BCU, but frankly joining wil make sense anyway once you are pretty active in the sport...if you paddle rivers remember that it's the BCU (in England, anyway) who take on the thorny issue of Access to them. Wow, I've never seen or paddled the Kent that high...any pictures taken?
Davef Hmmm....fair points, but I can't agree. In their own way, they'll be quite chuffed about being named on your site. Tune them out completely, it's the only way.
Anyway, ideas you could consider, based upon what I saw on page 21 (if this was the correct coursework?)... We used to use it to access the water downstream of the weir but now occasionaly for the wave BUT you have to watch your head and shoulder when you flip.
1 US gallon = 3.785412 litres Just wondering where u get "sports glasses" from. г“
rain before it's up again!!
Mick I wear glasses, all the time, I couldnt do without them. It's only caused one swim, when I thought a rock was the main flow, dont ask me how I just did. I'm one of those that has my eyes open when upside down, it helps me a bit I'd feel disorientated if they were closed, but that's just me. 」
猫丸(マスター)はその時koltotema の水槽にかける意気込みを確かに感じた・・・。

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時06分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人のミスターが店に入ってきた。自分の事を素晴らしい魚飼いだと勘違いしている。speakdabmarkfer は辺りかまわず罵った。
駆け出しアクアリスト speakdabmarkfer
Cornwall This used to be the case quite a few years ago now-
е why does it say that im an 'unregistered user'? ive just gone through the painfully long process of finding a name that hasnt been taken...and it still says that im not a registered user BTW can you see Kimmeridge Bay from the top of Corfe Castle ???.
Any chance of some notes on the Walkham, Dave? It'd be much appreciated...on Sunday morning I was trying to convince Chris to go off and explore this with me as a relaxing alternative to his pre-planned schedule of hero-boating on a flooded Dart (tho' thankfully the water level didn't prove to be as extreme as I thought it might be). Naturally I failed and ended up doing as I was told. In accordance with our child protection policy we will not permit photographs, video or other images of young people to be taken without the consent of the parents/carers and children.
I think the best bet is for you to join a local club rather than the BCU. Keep in touch with paddlers and paddling through magazines (Canoe focus, playboater etc) and websites/newsgroups etc?
Mark (Leicester Outdoor Pursuits are running an assessor training day - e-mail me for details if you want them) д‘
Wise move! The 'slot' was horrendous. We were a little concerned about having five paddlers on the river in flood conditions, one mistake and you could be in some serious s##t, particularly when all the eddies had vanished! SB.
Gonna missout on a couple of good weekend paddles coz going to North Carolina for 10 days.Hopin for rain there Can I collect my free pint now? 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時02分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人のプリンスが店に入ってきた。beachfflabwhistio は水槽中の魚に投げキッスをし、なぜか、宝塚口調で喋り出した。
駆け出しアクアリスト beachfflabwhistio
「г Also, it might be worth talking to Dronfield Baptist Church Canoe Club: As for the short boat argument, there are techniques for big boats and techniques for short boats. So long as you learn the right technique, you learn to paddle the sort of boat you want to paddle.
Chas C
г PS This evenings' picture is deceptive...there is reasonable swell still but the tide is unusually far out due to the spring tide, so it's not that big.
The only problem is that I tend to find the reception is not all that good on Orange in the valleys of North Wales! and in Scotland I dont bother taking the phone from the car. Still, it'd have squirt boat potential.... ;-)
Edited by: guidebook at: 1/25/02 7:16:58 pm
My stroke will change. A longer deeper stroke in the polo boat. No rocks to hit!! I don't think my paddling position changes though. Of course it depends on the boat and how it is trimmed. If you score a kayaking job that should be all you need apart from some experience. If you want to work as a raft guide and already know how to guide then you will have to do a minimum number of trips (usually 6), depending on which river you work on, and sit an assessment (a lot of company owners are assessors). If you have no experience of guiding rafts then you have the choice of attending a course somewhere, or or hooking up with a company and learning "on the job", for which you won't be paid. The Kaituna is unique case as there are two guides in each boat - one primarily for reflipping the raft and rescuing punters if/when the back guide gets muntered by the waterfall. Someone with rescue training and first aid can work as front guide after a minimum 20 trips, depending on apptitude. In this case it would be best to come over the winter (i.e. April/May) so you can get experience and fully assessed before the summer season, when nobody will have time to train you! Guide licenses in NZ are split into categories - grade 3, grade 4/5, grade 3 senior, grade 4/5 senior if I remember correctly. To work round Rotorua you need your 4/5 licence which involves and assessment on the Kaituna and also on the Rangitaiki (as the 'tuna is a piece of piss to guide and doesn't demonstrate much rafting skill, wheras the Rangi is rocky as hell and does. д‘
Cheers, Avon
...or 45 seconds outside a pub. Yeah...damn right it's short ;) 」

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