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2020年05月26日火曜日 03時14分
駆け出しアクアリスト guestanatac
「г“ г Will.
Also, it looks like there might only be 2 of us this weekend so we may stick to something easier? maybe the upper Conwy....don't really know yet. We'll head to Wales with passengers reading the guidebook I think! If all else fails (ie. we can't be arsed with the drive) we may end up at Newark or Sawley?
г её whats your address for sending pictures to? Haven't gone yet!!!
See you tomorrow Anybody know what the up to date tree situation is on the Vrynwy? The guide here on the site mentions tree blocks.
Glad someone else copped out of doing the Tarrell on Saturday. We looked at it about 11.00 in the morning too. Ended up just on the Usk - Sennybridge to Aberbran. It was just below flood level. Big waves and the first 2 drops just didn't exist. The 3rd's stopper was impressively threatening and being a wise cowards we walked around. anyone else? or maybe it's just my lack of skill!
Guided river tours catering for all levels of ability Sean, е
I tried to jump through the hoops to get assessor status a year or so ago (before foot and mouth) but I found it impossible to even find an assessor training day, let alone courses I could help out on. I've since given up trying. Craig.
Also did the Greta, you're right - it was an excellent level. We all shot the last falls down the centre without a problem - except being huge. Didn't have the guts to surf the wave at the bottom. >: 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 03時11分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の男性が店に入ってきた。この辺りでcribederreal の水槽管理に関して、いい噂は聞かない・・・。額、首筋、わきの下、水槽のガラスを一通りハンカチで拭くと、唾を飛ばしながらこう言った。
駆け出しアクアリスト cribederreal
「г е hf
:D But on the other hand, SURF WAS UP!!!! :eek
е г I know people who paddle with contacts. Yes, they lose them occasionally. roo
no I think the ina zones r - also the outlaw has loads of volume around the cockpit - too much if u ask me...but its a nice boat so my dad says - and he can stern squirt it brilliantly... New Boat
Fair enough, the two awards are different, but they imply that having one leads to the other. I'm one of those suffering from short-sight - in fact I'm as blind as a bat without eye correction so I HAVE to wear something if I'm going to see anything.
Out of curiousity, do you think mentioning Si Wiles' solo spate exploits (Grizedale, Torver, Tarn Beck...) will help him find a paddling partner?! ;-) е г
Funny thing is, water levels are relatively moderate on Dartmoor compared to South Wales.
Mick 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 03時07分
駆け出しアクアリスト kberpelazea
「ж° её sean
е г Got that?
You have been told. Water?....What bloody Water!
cheers IMNSHO The less aggressive one of the two on UK.RBP (David K.) actually does a pretty good job of luring newbies into responding to the trolling trap, so I think that it's good to warn them.
I still visit occasionally though г“ г
Bye Paolo Come on don't be shy :rollin
Austrian Accomodation Dan 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 03時03分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の若者が店に入ってきた。水槽レイアウト勝負で散々負けたらしくかなり荒れているご様子だ。tirardemers は独り言をブツブツ言いながら水槽の一点を見つめ、テーブルについた。
駆け出しアクアリスト tirardemers
「е Coming down to the SW again at the weekend?
Probably see some of you there. I will be the guy thinking of excuses to stay in the bar that don't make me look like a complete wimp.
е г We ended up on a bank-full(?) Kent which had >0.5m of water over all of the L-shaped fall. We did the Llugwy a couple of weeks ago when it was covering the bottom of Plas-y- brenins Ski slope, Cobdens was nasty 5 but the section from Swallow falls down to Bety y coeds was huge and wild just like the Alps . (Don't forget to portage the mincer,nasty tree). I can highly recommend it , even with lowering the boats down by Swallow falls!
I am doing a coaching processes course in April, can anyone who has been on one give me some insight of what's involved, I've had various reports ranging from dull to pass me a pillow please I'm nodding off!
Hi Chas- Iwas getting that too - but then sussed it out-
I also think there's an element of freak water attracting people out? I would love to claim responsibility for the kickflip, but I would be lying - correct Chas it was Ben and it is the first one I have seen him do after plenty of unsuccessful attempts - nice. г“
You have been told.
Mick...a Dart Virgin :) Chas 」
tirardemers はクラウンローチの存在を誰かに知って欲しいのだ。

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時59分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人のダンディが店に入ってきた。どこにでもいるようなアクアリストだ。pensedoho は猫丸(マスター)を見つけると嬉しそうに近づいてきた。
駆け出しアクアリスト pensedoho
「г If we haven't met I'm sure we'll bump into each other :)
The river from Surprise-Surprise downwards was wonderful- just one massive wavetrain.
г г Go for the Drunk piccie...they're always the best!
Hope to see some of you (Mark, Dave, Andy, whoever else) on the Dart tomorrow, but we've got a WKC club group organised so I'll be paddling with them this time.
My understanding is that pool teaching doesn't count towards logged coaching hours because they must be on the type of water you are qualifying for. SB.
Short sighted myself, used to just paddle blind, never had any major trouble, rivers salty stuff and weirs. The key word in your query is 'safe'...any boat with a scooped out front deck (eg. Sub 7, EZ) may be a liability on steep low volume boating. It depends how you feel about taking this risk. Perhaps the best 'compromise' boat out of those suggested so far is the Inazone, but obviously it is just that...a compromise giving reasonable playboat performance and reasonable river-running characteristics. г
A plea to all of you getting ready to post off for next season(some have already begun to trickle in)Try and wait 'til March - please! I can't do anything about it until we have reset the database for the new season - which I can't do until I have extracted all the end of season summaries etc.. I do have a full time teaching job to do as well and I would quite like to catch my breath over Easter! 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時56分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人のミスターが店に入ってきた。自分の事を素晴らしい魚飼いだと勘違いしている。testicharli は現地の人間でも分からないのでないかという癖のある訛りでがなりだした。
駆け出しアクアリスト testicharli
「ж° Boat Auction
I noted in the news that one of the many deaths in the recent weather was that of a lorry driver who was blown with his vehicle off the road into a 'swollen' River Coe (source: Times)
г° г Sorry about the bad name I was getting Cheesed off with it rejecting any form of name, I did not think it was that common.! Rob
Nothing to do with paddling at all, but we had to tell someone.
Another great weekend?
Hope to see you on the rivers soon? е г
Good work on getting a sane response to your letter Mick. Just a quick thought though, raising a wider issue...can we all be careful that if we post somebody else's mail up on the message board, it is with their consent? Just to save me getting any flak... 9 Ina Zone 230 sport Ex Nookie, as new
oops I forgot.... 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時52分
駆け出しアクアリスト telkephomad
「д‘ Nick I'll try and do a few notes meant to be filling in a job application though!
I think that's the whole range of advice now Marco! We've been told it'll be'll be wet.....we're going too early...going too late.... Andy :D
г Mark R Checked out your the photo of the 'Park des Ecrins' WOW :eek
Hope next weekend is as good........
Q - The weir at Whatstandwell....anyone got more info?
Was thinking of heading SW this w/e but having done so little paddling in recent months it sounds like eveything is going to be a bit too full on for me. Hmmmm.... would be nice to get out of town though.... г г
conwy/llugwy Edited by: Mark P at: 2/8/02 3:46:26 pm
Mick 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時48分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の二枚目が店に入ってきた。着やせはするが、体には自信があるらしい。sueekneeddoto はいかに女王様というものが素晴らしいかを主張し始めた。もちろん、魚の次にだが。
駆け出しアクアリスト sueekneeddoto
「ж‡ All the Bournemouth breaks and Highcliffe will have surf with an onshore (S/SW) wind, but Kimmeridge will not work in these conditions. Clean S/W groundswell and offshore (N) wind will see great waves at Kimmeridge, but any sign of onshore wind will mean it will blow out.'
Dan I always though that what chuffed meant depended on the context, so chuffed = guffed and/or chuffed = pleased. NB - The 'context' is usally defined by the local methane level of the atmosphere.
д‘ ?279.00 O.N.O. At the moment my main problem is, as expected, money! I will need to get a job while I'm out there, preferable one with kayaking although I have no idea what, any bright ideas?
I had one on the barle on sunday sean I have spoken to some people about getting a working visa for NZ. Have you got one? How do you you apply? Is it hard to get one? Do you need a job before you go or can you get one in country? Cheers
drop me a mail if you fancy a look Bear in mind that this is for an educational charity working with young people, not a canoe club which may be slightly different in terms of some of the legal requirements etc? but maybe useful to know how we do it?
Well here it is - bald, old and going backwards - still you can't see the bald spot and the visor hides the wrinkles. Given the reaction of the locals I don't think its done very often. All positive apart from the farmer by the 'best rapid in England', they came striding over purposefully, (they may have just wanted to talk about the weather but it seemed prudent to move on down!) г
It's always the same, the one weekend we get good levels is the one weekend that you just happen to have booked to go and visit her mother; and the time you do get to go out, you spend it driving from one dry ditch to another and end up at Eddylines anyway! :-)
Glad to hear it Mark :-) 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時45分
大分夜も遅くなり、水槽の電気も消えた頃、見馴れない一人の若造が店に入ってきた。近所のガキどもを集めてはクラウンローチの魅力を力説している。そういう話だ。mabsandpradter はガタイに似合わず甲高い声でこう言った。
駆け出しアクアリスト mabsandpradter
「д‘ г There is water in the Tilt, it's not at flood levels, but enough for a worthwhile run, I would have preferred to be in my boat than on my bike, catch it while you can. Mark R
Tavy from Tavistock Town Centre downstream (6 miles to the next bridge, see the road atlas). Fantastic surf waves, lovely quiet valley, never harder than grade 3, but with plenty of long rapids. Only real hazard is a weir near the end which is pretty obvious from the river...get out left and take a look.
г г Never been yet but you guys seem to like 'em up there ;) If you want an idea of how hard it is to flatwheel, take the boat to a swimming pool and with both hands on the side, throw the bow down...and then try and figure out how to get that much support from a blade (I can't). ;-)
sean Pete.
For the ICT illiterate how do you go about providing a profile Carol?
After a great paddle on the ever interesting Edw (Sladden p.207)the rain continued all Friday afternoon and evening and was still at it when we headed south to do battle again with the Welsh rivers on Saturday morning. The Wye and Usk were very big with most on the Usk washed out beneath some biiiiggg wave trains. My favourite Usk tributary, the Tarrell was too high to run, strainers paradise I thought and popped over to the Grwyne for a blast. Biggest I have ever paddled it! 7+ on the Llangenny gauge and the best roller coaster ride I've had for weeks.The river rose a foot while we were paddling,and its still raining! Got quite hairy in places with the added attraction of previously high branches now at river level.Anyone else have fun? г
Etive Rory, 」

2020年05月26日火曜日 02時42分
駆け出しアクアリスト babmingtelma
「г Mick
What a weekend, unfortunately had to work Saturday whilst my mates paddled the Twrch and another group of mates paddled the Mellte and the Geidd. Mick :D
г г I suppose I should post something before I can do a profile thingy.
The old newsgroup seems to have died almost completely, very few posts now and little 'thread' activity. Personally I'm quite saddened by this, it used to be such a thriving group. Anyone else mourning its demise?
Out of curiousity, do you think mentioning Si Wiles' solo spate exploits (Grizedale, Torver, Tarn Beck...) will help him find a paddling partner?! ;-) г gotta get in there man! The bottom waves really frendly, it won't keep you and there's loads of time to roll....give it a go? Thanks for that, we're heading for Slovakia rather than Slovenia, but I'll bear it in mind for a future trip.
God I'm getting excited,Its been hissing down all day in Coventry and the weather maps are predicting more of it in Wales, I might have to throw a sickie next week if it continues! Edited by: Craig Addison at: 2/26/02 11:54:17 pm 」
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